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Paul Nollen
28 januari 2011, 08:10
Kijk kijk, nog mensen die de particratie beu zijn. Is precies zowat overal de kop aan het opsteken. Ook iets voor de Brave Vlaamse Burger ?

Online Party of Canada: Request for Candidates for the Upcoming Elections www.onlineparty.ca

TORONTO, Jan. 26 /CNW/ - The big political parties have started their covert election campaigns as usual. Canadians will soon be proposed another round of elections with a predictable outcome, within few percentage points, but this time there is a viable alternative to the old-fashioned "left against right" or "red against blue" quarrel.

Online Party of Canada (OPC, www.onlineparty.ca) offers a radically different alternative: Real democracy based on the direct input from the voters via an internet-based voting system where voters can express their opinions and vote continuously, not only once every 4 years. The system comes with a totally new and refreshingly simple concept of 'Accountability', legally enforced, whereby a candidate is bound to act in accordance with the majority vote. This is a unique proposition; no other political party in Canada can offer something even close in respect to the basic democratic principles. Canada is one of the first countries where the political system is ready to embrace technology as a backbone of a modern and democratic government.

OPC is launching a broad campaign to select candidates for the upcoming elections. The selection process ensures quality and competent candidacies, and accountability of the future elected officials. Depending on previous qualifications, the applicants may be required to complete preparation courses and must sign the 'Promissory Letter of resignation' - OPC's own innovation in regards to accountability. Party members will be asked to vote in order to select the candidates for each electoral district. OPC is targeting all 308 electoral districts in Canada.

"Don't need to be rich to be our candidate," promises Mr. Michael Nicula, founder of OPC. "You don't even need to be a politician! Independents and members of other parties are welcome. We ask that you have (or are willing to acquire) basic political knowledge, sign the Accountability document and take advantage of your internet social network to prove your leadership and rally your supporters, with a tiny budget! This is the core value of OPC and the future of all political systems - taking big money out of political campaigns."

Learn more about OPC by attending an Online Meeting or a future Press Conference - see website for details (www.onlineparty.ca).


3 februari 2011, 13:28
Als we onze maatschappij terug op een menselijke koers willen krijgen dan zullen we inderdaad toch af moeten van types die aan politiek doen alsof het een job is, waarbinnen zij carrière moeten maken.

8 augustus 2013, 21:35