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14 mei 2017, 23:32
Feudalism and the “Algorithmic Economy” (https://medium.com/@ebonstorm/feudalism-and-the-algorithmic-economy-62d6c5d90646)
Using AI and algorithms to return to feudal economic models
17 apr 2017
For the sake of this essay, feudal economic models imply the idea that
a very tiny segment of the society is fantastically rich while the bulk of society
works hard, has few choices about the work they do, and tend to be poorly
compensated for their efforts.
(...) Their goal is to create a workforce bound by their economic debt to the system,
forced to take whatever work they can find, while being paid as little for that
work as possible, understanding ultimately, the creation of an indentured
workforce is not only the result but an expected one, keeping society enfeebled
and unable to create opportunities for further development. (...)
De mening is de visie van een blogger genaamd Thaddeus Howze.
Over de sterk in opkomst zijnde algoritme economie.

"Don’t take my word for it.
Watch it and see for yourself.
It is happening before you eyes.
Don’t blink."