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Ali Asker
26 oktober 2006, 22:35
Documentary aboutLeyla Zana on Youtube

[10:47 , 24 Oct 2006]

PNA- Someone posted a documentary about the Kurdish female leader
Leyla Zana on Youtube. It's very interesting how video websites like Youtube
are turning into a platform for political activism and promotion of the
ethnic Kurdish identity.

The documentary is a biography of Leyla Zana (born May 3, 1961) and it's
made by the Kurdish-Canadian filmmaker Jiyar Gol, who is originally from
Sinne in Kurdistan Rojhelat, eastern Kurdistan (Iran). He has created
several movies about North (Kurdistan-Turkey)- and South-Kurdistan

This 10- minute biography of Leyla Zana tells more about this
dedicated Kurdish Parliamentarian who was imprisoned for 11 years simply for
speaking Kuridsh in Turkish National assembly.

She was a three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Leyla Zana was even
awarded with the 1995 Sakharov Prize by the European Parliament, but was
unable to collect it until her release in 2004. In 2006 Leyla Zana visited
South-Kurdistan (Kurdistan-Iraq), but in general she isn't politically
active anymore.

Jiyar Gol portrays Leyla Zana as a brave politician who stood up for
her Kurdish identity and rights. In this short documentary a variety of
people give a deeper insight into Leyla Zana and also into the Kurdish issue
in Turkey.

Currently Jiyar Gol is directing a documentary film on Canada's Health
Care system for Canada's Global National TV and developing a movie about
Anfal in Kerkuk.

The use of the term "Kurdistan" is vigorously rejected due to its
alleged political implications by the Republic of Turkey, which does not
recognize the existence of a "Turkish Kurdistan".

Others estimate as many as 40 million Kurds live in Big Kurdistan
(Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Armenia), which covers an area as big as France,
about half of all Kurds which estimate to 20 million live in Turkey.

The Kurdish flag flown officially in Iraqi Kurdistan but unofficially
flown by Kurds in Armenia. The flag is banned in Iran, Syria, and Turkey
where flying it is a criminal offence"