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Baba Bey
3 november 2006, 23:35
"The Khojaly Massacre was the killing of a large number
of ethnic Azerbaijani civilians in the town of Khojaly on
25 February 1992 during the Nagorno-Karabakh War.
According to the Azerbaijani side, as well as Memorial
Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch and other
international observers, the massacre was committed
by the ethnic Armenian armed forces, reportedly with
help of the Russian 366th Motor Rifle Regiment.
The official death toll provided by Azerbaijani authorities
is 613 civilians, of them 106 women and 83 children.
International reaction

The Khojaly Massacre was described by Human Rights Watch
as "the largest massacre to date in the conflict" over Nagorno-Karabakh.
Memorial, the Moscow-based human rights group, stated in their report
that the mass killing of civilians in Khojaly could not be justified under
any circumstances and that actions of Armenian militants were in
gross violation of a number of basic international human rights conventions.
Estimating the number of the civilians killed in the massacre,
Human Rights Watch stated that "there are no exact figures for
the number of Azeri civilians killed because Karabakh Armenian
forces gained control of the area after the massacre". A 1993 report by
Human Rights Watch put the number of deaths at least 161, although later
reports state the number of deaths as at least 200. According to Human
Rights Watch, "while it is widely accepted that 200 Azeris were murdered,
as many as 500-1,000 may have died".

In Written Declaration No. 324, members of the PACE from Albania,
Azerbaijan, Turkey and the United Kingdom, along with individual members
from Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Macedonia and Norway stated that
"On 26 February 1992, Armenians massacred the whole population
of Khodjaly and fully destroyed the city", and called on the Assembly
to recognize the massacre in Khojaly as part of "genocide perpetrated
by Armenians against the Azerbaijani population".
In depth: http://www.karabakh.gen.az/contents.php?cid=303

Where was the U.N. ?
Where was the E.U. ?
Where was the U.S. ?
Another double morale of the "civilized" west?