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Baba Bey
4 november 2006, 02:05
"gogu" the Greek propaganda poster via the ATHENS UNIVERSITY NETWORK wrote
> Bianet - "Women Harassed and Raped In Detention":
> Study on sexual harassment and rape under detention shows several hundred
> victims of violence under custody in 9 years. At least 236 women sought
> legal support in the said period where 70 women were raped in detention and
> 166 others were sexually harassed
> ISTANBUL / 2 Novembe 2006 / by Ayca Orer
> A recent study of violence against women by state security forces has shown
> that at least 70 women were raped while under detention between 1997 and
> 2006 while 166 others were sexually harassed.
> The total number of women who have sought legal support and assistance in
> this period is 236.
> A report issued by the Judicial Assistance Project for Sexual Harassment and
> Rape Under Detention said that only two of the 236 applications made for
> support came from Germany while the rest of the incidents were recorded in
> Turkey.
> 30 women who faced harassment and rape have so far left Turkey.
> The project's lawyer Eren Keskin told bianet that harassment and rape were
> specifically employed as deterrent methods in east and southeast Turkey
> while kidnapping of women concentrated in the cities of Tatvan and Mardin.
> Keskin acknowledged that women subject to this form of violence had "great
> difficulties" in applying for judicial aid and said that as most women faced
> such incidents at very young ages, there was a need for a new institution
> other than the coroner's office, which could deal with psychological
> reports.
> The Project's report also covered the case of a 14-year-old girl who was
> killed on grounds of "honor" by relatives following being raped while under
> detention.
> The report said women were being kidnapped by security forces and subjected
> to violence. 11 victims of kidnap were raped, it said, while 8 pregnant
> women had miscarriages due to torture. The number of women who were tortured
> with their children aged 3 to 10 was listed as seven.
> According to the report, most of the victims are aged over 18. 38 victims
> were reportedly aged 10 to 18 while 198 of the victims were aged between 18
> and 67.
> The police, said the report, were at top of the list of those committing the
> offences. In 184 incidents it was the police responsible for the violence
> while 55 showed the gendarme and soldiers as responsible. Para-military
> Village Guards were responsible for 13 incidents.
> An ethnicity detail of the report showed that 187 of the complainants were
> Kurdish women. Of the women harassed and raped, 206 said they were detained
> for "political reasons".
> The report said 30 women had made applications based on judicial reasons, 8
> for rape and 22 for sexual harassment. It added that 91 court cases were
> underway in relation to rape and harassment under detention while 14 cases
> had already been concluded by the European Court of Human Rights.


Hmm. let's analyze this deeper:

- It says that between 1997 and 2006, ie. in 9 years,
70 women were allegedly raped in detention and
166 others were allegedly sexually harassed
ie. a total of 236 women allegedly have sought legal support, or assistance.
- 187 of the complainants were Kurdish women.
- 206 of them said they were detained for "political reasons".

Everything clear: The 187 Kurdish women plus 19 other women
totalling 206 were helpers of the PKK and were caught by security
forces. It is default for such female PKK supporters to find such
lies to accuse the security forces since they were taught to do so.
So, if we subtract from the 236 total the 206 "political" cases (ie. PKK)
then we are left with the remaining 30. And for these 30 it says
that they have left Turkey. I wonder how? Were they maybe foreigners?
I guess they had supporters abroad, ie. they were sent by them...

And another math mystery:
184 accuse the police,
55 the gendarme and soldiers
13 village guards.
But this does not sum up to 236 cases... :-))) It makes 252

So, don't believe such crap from this Kurdish dirt source "Bianet".
It's all propaganda crap.

And I guess the situation in the US, UK, Mexico, Russia, etc. is worser,
even on a percentage basis...