View Full Version : French "Quid Encyclopedia" publishes "Kurdistan" maps on web site

Ali Asker
5 november 2006, 06:05
French "Quid Encyclopedia" publishes "Kurdistan" maps on web site

[15:22 , 04 Nov 2006]

Kurdistan, (The Turks US)

PNA-An online version of the French "Quid" Encyclopedia has caught the
attention of Ankara by publishing two different "Kurdistan" maps showing
large swaths of the Turkish Republic inside proclaimed "Kurdistan" borders
on its internet site.

The Quid Encyclopedia portrays almost all of Turkey's East and Southeast
areas as being inside the "Kurdistan" part of the map, with a finger of the
area stretching into Northern Iraq.

The second of the noteable maps displayed on the French Quid Encyclopedia
site shows what it calls the "Physical Turkish Kurdistan," and provided
large amounts of information about Turkey at the same time as articles on
why Turkey should not enter the EU.