View Full Version : Prominent Kurdish people in Turkey

Baba Bey
10 november 2006, 03:55
A question to Ali Asker and others:

Which prominent / successful Kurdish people are there in Turkey?
Ie. actors, directors and other film people, comedians, athletes,
musicians, businessmen, politicians, authors, writers, reporters,
and other media stars, ie. Kurdish people in Turkey in the public.

Here are some prominent Kurdish people in Turkey I know of:

- Ibrahim Tatlises, musician, singer superstar, I think he was also starring in some movies
- Abdülkadir Aksu, politician, the current Interior Minister of Turkey
- Leyla Zana, human rights activist + politician; this 'silly girl' tried to speak Kurdish in the parliament :-)
- Þehrîbana Kurdî, musician, Kurdish singer
- Ahmet Türk, politician, chairman of the Democratic Society Party (DTP)
- Yilmaz Güney (1937-1984), film director and actor
- Osman Öcalan, politician, brother of the imprisioned Abdullah Öcalan
- Ahmet Kaya, musician
- Osman Baydemir, politician, Mayor of Diyarbakir, a prominent defender of Kurdish human rights
- Mahsun Kirmizigul, musician
- Ýsmet Ýnönü (1884-1973), politician, the 2nd President of Turkey, (not sure whether he was Kurdish; check this)
- Turgut Özal,(1927-1993), politician, Former Prime Minister of Turkey
- Ismet Bozan, athlete,Thai boxer world champion

Here is a list of prominent Kurds but which is not limited to Turkey only: