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Pandareus 31 maart 2019 06:42


Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Bach (Bericht 8977334)
De badkuip heet in de praktijk meestal "la tina" (of "la bañera") niet "el baño". Een "Baño" kan wel een "Tina" hebben. Het verschil tussen badkuip en badkamer.

Ik ben geen specialist in het Spaans maar dit is toch ook vrij basic. Toch als je daar woont en een beetje sociaal leven hebt.

Als iemand u toestemming geeft hun "baño" te gebruiken dien je niet zomaar in bad te kruipen he.


pedo2 een sociaal leven...

eno2 31 maart 2019 11:58

AOC tackelt de klimaatverhitting als een oorlogsinspanning. Uitstekend.

In dit geval is de oorlog ook te voeren tegen een binnenlandse vijand.

Lof der Zotheid 1 april 2019 07:30


Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Pandareus (Bericht 8979489)

pedo2 een sociaal leven...

Bij nader inzien ook beter zo, als hij er geen heeft. Stel voor wat de gevolgen daarvan zouden kunnen zijn...

eno2 4 april 2019 22:34

The war on socialism has begun

The world’s most powerful banker has attacked socialism, saying it produces “stagnation, corruption and often worse”.

Jamie Dimon, spare us your crocodile tears about inequality

JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon took aim at socialism in his annual letter to shareholders, and warned it would be “a disaster for our country”.

Dimon, who was paid $31m last year as the head of America’s largest bank and who is estimated by Forbes to be worth $1.3bn, took his swipe as a new wave of left politics has emerged in the US.

Democratic socialism has been embraced by a new generation of politicians, including New York congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and supporters of Bernie Sanders, a longtime socialist now making a second bid for the presidency.

Dimon’s attack also comes as many leftwing Democrats, including Sanders and senator Elizabeth Warren, have called for the breakup of big businesses and greater regulation of banking in particular.

In his letter, Dimon wrote: “When governments control companies, economic assets (companies, lenders and so on) over time are used to further political interests – leading to inefficient companies and markets, enormous favoritism and corruption.”

He went on: “Socialism inevitably produces stagnation, corruption and often worse – such as authoritarian government officials who often have an increasing ability to interfere with both the economy and individual lives – which they frequently do to maintain power. This would be as much a disaster for our country as it has been in the other places it’s been tried.”
He would say that, wouldn't he? Hij moet iets doen voor zijn bedreigde $31M a year.

eno2 4 april 2019 23:24


Throughout the course of the live stream she went on to explain that history will not look back kindly on climate change deniers, likening them to people who opposed the civil rights movement. “Your grandchildren will not be able to hide the fact that you fought against acknowledging and taking bold actions on climate change,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“We have 12 years left to cut emissions by at least 50%, if not more, and for everyone who wants to make a joke about that, you may laugh but your grandkids will not,” she said.

Well said.
That's what true leadership means on anti- ACC

SDX 6 april 2019 22:49

Must see!
Best of AOC.


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