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Micele 31 oktober 2018 13:58

Tesla gaat megapacks maken, of powerpacks met >1 MW
De powerpacks (batterijmodules) hebben vandaag een capaciteit van 210 kW per pack. Men maakt daar batterijparks mee onder andere in Austrslië tot 100 MW, of opslagcapaciteit tot 129 MWh vd Hornsdale Windfarm (https://www.theguardian.com/australi...-in-the-making )

De mogelijke "Megapacks" gaan navenant groter worden... moet nog bevestigd worden...

Toch iets voor Tommelein? lol ;-)



New information has emerged showing that Tesla is working on a new energy module called ‘Megapack’ to be built at Gigafactory 1.

Someone applying for an internship at Tesla posted on Reddit (since removed) about the position having to do with “embedded/testing the new Megapack.”

We already knew about the “Powerpack”, but “Megapack” is a new product name from Tesla.

Electrek did some digging and found out that other Tesla employees have mentioned working on a new “Megapack energy module” at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

During the first half of the year, Jeff Johnson, a former Senior Technical Program Manager at Tesla, worked on a project called “Megapack Energy Module”, according to his Linkedin profile.

He wrote that he “managed build plan, material supply, and schedule for prototype builds for the Megapack module.”

Johnson had previously worked on Tesla battery modules with the latest 2170 battery cells produced at Ggiafactory 1.

In June, the engineer left the automaker to join Northrop Grumman.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently been talking about a new battery module to be introduced next year but it is specific to the Model 3:

“We came up with a new design that achieves the same outcome, that’s actually lighter, better, cheaper and will be introducing that around the end of this year, probably reach volume production on that in Q1 or something. That will make the car lighter, better, and cheaper and achieve a higher range. That line is under construction, will be active in about six months.”

It’s unclear if the new “Megapack” is simply the new and improved battery module or a brand new energy storage product.

Electrek’s Take

Now let’s speculate! I have a few theories.

“Megapack” is sort of in the same vein as “Powerpack”, which could mean that it is a bigger energy storage system that can store >1 MWh of energy capacity instead of the Powerpack’s ~200 kWh.

Tesla has some new much larger stationary energy storage projects in the works, like a massive ‘up to 1.1 GWh’ battery system. It could potentially make use of larger systems.

Considering Tesla is calling its new ultra-powerful Tesla Semi charging stations “Megachargers”, it could also have something to do with that.

It could actually be the same thing as my first theory but specially made for energy storage at Megacharger stations in order to support the extremely high charge rate.

The Tesla Semi is also expected to have a battery pack with a capacity close to a megawatt-hour, which could be also a possibility for the “Megapack”.

Voor ons electriciteitsnet:

29 jun 2018

For the past few months, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have been teasing a giant battery project that would dwarf even the company’s 129 MWh Powerpack project in Australia.

Today, we learn that Tesla is working with PG&E on a massive battery system with a capacity of “up to 1.1 GWh” in California.

JimmyB 31 oktober 2018 18:02

Of een ander voor de batterijliefhebbers:


Micele 31 oktober 2018 18:16


Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door JimmyB (Bericht 8846783)
Of een ander voor de batterijliefhebbers:


Ziet er alvast heel goed uit, zeker aan die prijs... dat is $83 miljoen voor 1 GWh energiecapaciteit...(wind/pv-opslag), 1/3 van recordhouder Tesla.


In the new work, the researchers substituted out the platinum that would have been part of a nickel-hydrogen battery and replaced it with a "bifunctional nickel-molybdenum-cobalt electrocatalyst as hydrogen anode." The estimated cost of a full-scale version of this battery is about $83 per kilowatt-hour, below the Department of Energy's 2040 goal for $100/kWh target for grid-connected storage. For context, last year Tesla appeared to offer a record-low price for its lithium-ion battery installation at the Hornsdale wind farm in Australia at $250/kWh.
Directe DOI-link voor meer details en figures: http://sci-hub.tw/http://www.pnas.or.../23/1809344115

Micele 9 november 2018 19:28

Tesla en PG&E gaat 3 gascentrales vervangen door batterijparken, tesamen meer dan 2 GWh, zouden 2020 klaar zijn:



The California Public Utilities Commission approved this week a very important proposal from PG&E to deploy over 2 GWh of energy storage capacity from battery systems by Tesla and other companies that will replace three gas plants.

We first learned of the project at PG&E’s Moss Landing substation when they submitted it to CPUC and the company was in talks with Tesla earlier this year.

It involves four separate energy storage projects and two of them should become the world’s largest battery systems.

Dynegy is going to deploy a 300 MW / 1,200 MWh project on PG&E’s grid while the Tesla project will be a 182.5 MW / 730 MWh, which could eventually go up to 1.1 GWh.

When Tesla completed its giant Powerpack project in Australia, it became the largest battery in the world, but these new ones are several times larger.

There are also two smaller projects involved with PG&E’s energy storage deployment that have been approved by CPUC this week:

All projects are scheduled to be completed and come online by the end of 2020. They are directly going to replace three gas peaker plants for the electric utility.

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