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Een beetje verder gesurft. Deze vond ik wel grappig:
Alien Psychology

Aliens by their nature are peace loving and not aggressive. They are completely opposite to what is portrayed in movies and books, where they are shown as belligerent, trying to destroy the Earth's civilization, or where they are fighting with colonizers from other developed civilizations. These statements are based on my observations of them and on the logic of their behavior.

If you watch UFOs in the sky for long enough, you should notice various forms of UFOs, located in the sky next to one another. This suggests that they arrived to Earth from a variety of stellar systems. But in my year of observation, I did not see any attacks between one another.

The idea of warfare can come only to insufficiently developed civilizations, in which war is a means of resolving economic problems by seizing the natural resources of the conquered country through various political manipulations (for example by establishing a puppet government by the victor). This dynamic is clear in the US war with Iraq. Therefore war, as a recurring political policy exists, only because society does not produce enough goods for its wants.

I say this to illustrate the fact that UFOs have never attempted to seize any city or country on Earth and force people to work for them, although they certainly possess destructive technology beyond our imagination. Of course aliens, like any living creatures, can show their strength when their survival is threatened. Aliens have never tried to rob humanity of its gold, diamonds or other precious things. Why? The answer to this question is very simple. Alien technology is so highly evolved that they produce all products for consumption in such large quantities and with such little labor costs that for them, these products have become as available as air, water. Hence the accumulation of material goods has lost its value.

Incidentally, this is one of the main reasons why governments of the developed capitalist countries have shown little enthusiasm in the official recognition of the existence of other developed civilizations in the universe. If there are more advanced civilizations in the universe in which economic and social problems have been solved for thousands of years and in which for this reason there are no rich and poor intelligent beings, these governments’ statement - that capitalism is the most advanced social system known to humanity - ceases to be a viable argument for justifying unfairness in capitalist society.
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