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Annan - How long do you think this crisis will continue?
Assad - As long as the [...] regime funds it.
Annan - Do you think they are behind all the funding?
Assad - They are behind many things that happen in our region. They believe they will be able to lead the whole Arab world today and in the future.
Annan - But it seems to me that they lack the population needed for such an ambition. [collective laughter]
Om het mopje helemaal te begrijpen moet je weten wat er op die plaats [...] ingevuld staat.
[Kofi Powers to the rescue?
Not only Annan and Assad, everyone knows that the regime in question is Qatar. And that's why the SNC refused to abide by the ceasefire decided by the previous Annan plan - and will do the same with this one. They know that Qatar - and Saudi Arabia - will keep weaponizing the "rebels", be they defectors, affiliated with the SNC or not, members of different strands of the Not-so-Free Syrian Army, or Salafi-jihadi mercenaries once again gleefully collaborating with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). ]
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