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De Brexit party zal niet opkomen in 317 plaatsen waar de Torries vorige keer gewonnen hebben, ook enkele groenen doen al hetzelfde om Labour te helpen. Een op en top Britse move.
Dat gigantisch mes in de rug, is dat ook typisch brits?


Brexit Party members are turning on Nigel Farage after he announced a ‘Leave alliance’ with Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party.

Mr Farage is standing down 317 Brexit Party candidates in Tory held seats in what is being seen as a major boost for Mr Johnson’s election hopes.
There has been concern among Leave campaigners that a pro-Brexit vote would be split by the Tories and the Brexit party, which could allow Labour or the Lib Dems to win.
Mr Farage said he made the decision after watching a video of the Prime Minister vowing not to extend a Brexit transition period, which is due to end in December 2020.
But it has sparked widespread anger among party members and candidates who have been stood down from the race.
A local group in Milton Keynes was so incensed at being denied their ‘democratic right to vote’ they branded their leader a ‘traitor’ in a black and white picture, and instructed members to ‘vent their anger’ to party headquarters.
Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips, who was due to stand as a candidate in the Tory seat of Southampton Itchen before Mr Farage’s announcement, has declared she will ‘not vote at all’ at the election.
Niet alles wat geen nut heeft, heeft geen zin.
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