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Wijsheid op het omslagpunt, de overgang naar een nieuwe denkwijze en beschaving

Wij, leden van de World Wisdom Council,
Self Appointed, I presume?
Succes ermee.

The idea of the Club of Budapest was developed in 1978 in a discussion between Aurelio Peccei, founder and first president of the Club of Rome, and Ervin Laszlo, systems philosopher and also member of the Club of Rome at that time. They were convinced that the enormous challenges to humanity can only be dealt with through the development of a cultural and cosmopolitan consciousness. Based on these ideas, the Club of Budapest was founded by Dr. Laszlo in 1993. The founding city and namesake of the Club lies at the heart of Europe and is spread out over both banks of the River Danube. The successful merging of the two cities Buda and Pest is symbolized by the famous Chain Bridge. It visualizes our ambition to build bridges between generations, disciplines and cultures. Therefore, it was selected as the logo and signet for the objectives of the Club. The main essence of the global efforts lies in the initiation of dialogue.


World Wisdom Council Members
Honorary Chairpersons
Mikhail Gorbachev (Russia)
Robert Muller (Costa Rica)

Ervin Laszlo (Hungary/Italy)
Ashok Gangadean (Trinidad/USA)

David Woolfson (Canada)
Wolfgang Riehn (Germany)

Research And Documentation Center
David Woolfson (Canada)
Gregorio Rivera (USA/Mexico)

May East (Brazil/Great Britain)

Hafsat Abiola (Nigeria)
Akbar Ahmed (Pakistan/USA)
Suheil Bushrui (Lebanon/USA)
Ashok Gangadean (Trinidad/USA)
Jane Goodall (Great Britain/USA)
Jonathan Granoff (USA)
Prabhu Guptara (Switzerland/India)
Hazel Henderson (USA/Great Britain)
Lillian Holt (Australia)
Audrey Kitagawa (Hawaii)
Takashi 'Tachi' Kiuchi (Japan)
Ervin Laszlo (Italy/Hungary)
Michael Laitman (Israel)
Angaangaq 'Uncle' Lyberth (Canada/Greenland)
Wangari Maathai (Kenya)
Fred Matser (Netherlands)
Lady Fiona Montagu (Great Britain)
Ekaterina Moshaeva (Siberia/Germany)
James O'Dea (Ireland/USA)
Bibi Russell (Bangladesh)
Elisabet Sahtouris (USA/Greece)
Masami Saionji (Japan)
Karan Singh (India)
Tu Weiming (China/USA)
Ernst-Ulrich Von Weizsäcker (Germany)
Johannes Witteveen (The Netherlands)
Vadim Zagladin (Russia)

Manuel Gameros Esponda (Mexico)
Tamas Halm (Hungary)
Christoph Quarch (Germany)
Hiroo Saionji (Japan)
Gundula Schatz (Austria)
Valentin Vollmer (Switzerland)

Media Ambassadors
Nancy Roof (Kosmos)
Jane Taylor (Positive News)
Juriaan Kamp (Ode)
Welkom, Johannes of Fred...

Hendrikus Johannes (Johan) Witteveen (born June 12, 1921) was the Finance Minister of the Netherlands. He became the fifth Managing Director of the ...
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Seeds of Wholeness-
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