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Standaard Foto van eerste stukje tunnel onder Los Angeles

En uitbreiding voorzien naar LAX en 101.


Elon Musk releases first image of new tunnel under Los Angeles, announces expansions to LAX and 101
Fred Lambert - Oct. 28th 2017

Elon Musk released this weekend the first image of the Boring Company’s new tunnel under Los Angeles and also expanded on the company’s plans for future segments of the project.

Earlier this summer, Musk ‘s new startup already confirmed having dug a 160-ft tunnel with an entrance in SpaceX’s parking lot in Hawthorne.

In August, they proposed a new 2- mile (3.2 km) expansion of the tunnel under 120th street all the way to Hawthorne Boulevard along the local airport.

The city of Hawthorn quickly gave them the green light to expand the tunnel and continue testing their boring techniques in their jurisdiction.

Here’s the section where they have been approved to dig the 2-mile long tunnel:

Today, Musk confirmed that they have already dug 500 ft of the 2-mile long tunnel, which they expect to complete in “3 to 4 months”.

He released the first images of the progress:

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