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Dit is ook weer een typische solo-slim van de de VS.

President Trump's long-delayed decision to provide Ukraine with defensive lethal weapons signaled a new willingness to oppose Russian intervention in its neighbor, but has made European allies nervous that a recent hike in fighting could escalate.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron did not overtly criticize the U.S. decision, but urged all combatants to abide by the much-violated 2015 ceasefire deal known as the Minsk Agreements.

France and Germany brokered the agreement, which called for withdrawal of heavy weapons from frontline positions, as well as safe delivery of humanitarian aid and the exchange of prisoners.

John McCain daarentegen is wel tevreden met de beslissing van Trump.

In a statement, McCain said providing the Javelins "sends a strong signal that the United States will stand by its allies and partners as they fight to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity." He added: "Providing defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine is not opposed to a peace in Ukraine — it is essential to achieving it."

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