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Dat was met opzet zo getekend door Uhouse wegens de aanwezigheid van J-Rod op een vergadering. Omdat het ook zo was. Tenminste dat beweert Bill Hamilton . Niet iedereen is opgezet met de (naakte)verschijning van (een) J-Rod.

Drawing of J-Rod by mechanical engineer, Bill Uhouse, based on J-Rod's appearance dressed in a human man's shirt in 1970s or early 1980s at a conference table with physicist Edward Teller and eighteen scientists, including Uhouse. The project that linked Uhouse to J-Rod was a "flying saucer simulator" to teach certain U. S. Air Force pilots to fly back-engineered, and/or actual, extraterrestrial craft.

"Bill Uhouse's particular role in the secret government project was to build and test what he calls a simulator -- "a flying saucer simulator". The reason for this is that the simulator had built into it the standard avionics that, for instance, our U.S. Air Force pilots are used to; and they were taught with the simulator how to fly one of these gravity field-driven craft."

Andere wetenswaardigheden over J-Rod:

[LMH] Where was J-Rod supposed to be based?

[BH] This is how we started to learn that J-Rod was a designation for this type of entity because it turns out there were at least two J-Rods. At least two. Maybe more. But the two J-Rods were located … one was at Los Alamos (National Laboratory), and the other -- as we know now -- was located in an environmental sphere inside an installation known as Site 4, or some call it Sector 4. But it's Site 4 within Papoose Mountain itself.

[LMH] At Area-51?

[BH] In that general area.

[LMH] Did Bill Uhouse describe how close he was to J-Rod when J-Rod was communicating?

[BH] All I remember was that he was in the same room with him.

[LMH] Did he remember any kind of 'odor'?

[BH] I don't recall that he mentioned that, no.

[LMH] Did ever touch J-Rod's skin?

[BH] I don't recall that he touched him, no.

[LMH] J-Rod was about how high?

[BH] Somewhere around 4 foot 9 and 5 feet tall.

[LMH] And he had 'reptilian' eyes?

[BH] I don't know. The way he drew them, he had those dark, tear-drop, large black lenses, or whatever they are.

[LMH] "Coverings"?

[BH] Coverings. So, I don't think he had any direct look at the eyes.

[LMH] Some people say that what's underneath those dark lenses-like "sunglasses" are yellow eyes with vertical pupils. That's why I wondered.

[BH] I cannot confirm that as regards J-Rod.

[LMH] You and I have exchanged a drawing that is identified as J-Rod.

[BH] Yes, that is the one that was drawn by Bill Uhouse.

[LMH] The being was wearing a man's shirt. When Uhouse drew that, what was his relationship to the EBEN known as 'J-Rod'?

[BH] The only relationship was that Uhouse was part of the project team where J-Rod was an advisor in terms of what he might need to know technically.


Geloven staat vrij natuurlijk. Maar de kans is groot dat het waar is.
Ik kan me moeilijk voorstellen dat al die mensen liegen of flutverhalen gaan vertellen. En zeker niet in de laatste jaren van hun leven zoals bij Bill Uhouse die ondertussen al 'wijlen' Bill Uhouse is. Waarom zouden ze dat wel doen.

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