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GM (Chevy Bolt en alle Hyundai EVs) hadden brandproblemen met batterijpacks met batterijcellen van LG Chem zie ik hier.

Terugroepacties werden verplicht of deden ze van zich uit.


As was expected by the end of this month, GM has finally announced its Chevy Bolt battery fix.

The fix is in response to the battery fire recall announced 167 days ago. This is almost two months since any other update. The NHTSA recall notification did mention April 20 as the date for the fix. However, Chevy maintained that it was always aiming for the end of April. Today’s the day.

As a refresher, there were five reported Chevrolet Bolts with LG Chem batteries that caught fire in 2020; they were all at nearly a full state of charge. Three of them were unplugged, and one had been driven very recently. Three were investigated by the NHTSA. As a result, GM issued a recall on November 13, 2020. This limited the state of charge of the vehicles to “90%” (actually 95%) as a precaution. It also told owners to park and charge outside if they could. Dealerships were prohibited from selling used Bolts affected by the recall, although several continued to do so. Despite touting their All Electric Future, GM remained relatively silent on their nascent vehicle into this journey. It did, however, capriciously offer buybacks. Seemingly at random, they were likely tied to states’ lemon laws, to the ire of many owners.

GM wasn’t the only one with LG problems

At practically the same time that GM was having its problem, the Hyundai Kona was also catching fire. There were 11 fires in South Korea, two in Canada, and one each in Finland and Austria. Hyundai responded similarly with a charging limitation recall a month before the Bolt’s. Unfortunately that was not enough – more Konas caught fire. This eventually led to Hyundai determining that the cause was a badly folded battery tab. An agreement was worked with LG to replace all battery packs in all their Kona EV, Ionic, and Elec City buses. The Kona’s reputation was so severely damaged that Hyundai is no longer selling it in Korea.

GM immediately received increased calls to replace their batteries, but were quick to rebuff. It cited that the problem that affected Hyundai was not the same problem. Owners were left to impatiently wait for GM’s final update. An Informal survey on Facebook showed that about half of the owners trusted GM’s eventual resolution. About a quarter of owners were willing to trust as long as they had more information about what happened and why. The remaining owners wanted a battery replacement either way.
Hyundai is zelfs gestopt met de Kona te verkopen in eigen land, hun reputatie was daar naar de vaantjes...
via Koreaanse krant:

In South Korea, Hyundai has recalled 25,564 Kona EVs built during September 2017 to March 2020 due to the risk of short circuit possibly caused by faulty manufacturing of its high-voltage battery cells.

Recalled Kona EVs in South Korea get software updates and some receive battery replacements after inspection.

The recalled Kona that caught fire had only received a software update but no battery replacement, the official said on condition of anonymity as he is not allowed to speak to media.

Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute, which has been investigating the fires, is now looking into the adequacy of Hyundai's voluntary recall process, the official and an institute official said.
Uiteraard wordt dat niet sensationeel uitgesmeerd in de Westerse msm-media (waar die merken ook advertenties plaatsen), het is geen Tesla hé.

Blijkbaar is het probleem nu opgelost, productiefout in een Koreaanse LG-fabriek.
The recall only affects batteries that were produced in LG Chem’s Ochang, Korea, facility. However, several 2019 owners that were not subject to the recall (presumably having batteries produced in the US) have reported that the software fix is showing as available for their vehicles immediately.

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