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Paul Nollen
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Oei, een wereld-dictatuur dus

Ik stel voor dat de Amerikanen belastingen gaan betalen om ons pensioensysteem te redden

Immigratie bedenkingen


COUILLARD: Some might fear that once introduced and maintained at a substantial level, the UBI will constitute an additional factor attracting an overflow of (low-skilled) immigrants. Do you feel these concerns could damage the program? How could this problem be solved?

VAN PARIJS: Any guaranteed minimum scheme, not only of a universal type, raises this problem. It is pragmatically solved either by restricting immigration permits to people with a job and with skills in high demand, or by requiring several years of legal residence before qualifying. In the long term, however, just as one of the functions of Brazil’s modest minimum income schemes is to keep people in the countryside and reduce the swelling of urban favellas, a worldwide basic income will function to enable people to survive in the “peripheries” instead of putting an unsustainable pressure on the “centres”. Even more obstacles on the way of this really “universal” basic income than of a national one? No doubt. One more reason to start thinking about how to get from here to there.
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