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Economie Hier kan je discussiëren over economie en staatsschuld

Oud 16 maart 2018, 20:21   #1
Geregistreerd: 4 februari 2012
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Standaard ik heb een nieuwe soort bank uitgevonden: gratis geld maar wel met regels dus


het is een hele lees hieronder maar wel echt de moeite waard.

Ik heb namelijk theoretisch op een 10 tal jaar een nieuwe soort exlusieve Globale bank en fonds ontwikkeld, het zou onze staatsschuld voor ons kunnen betalen in 1 keer. En nog veel meer toepassingen natuurlijk.

Lees het hier, wel in het Engels.

Veel discussie genot en ik ben natuurlijk nieuwsgierig of ons forum er wat van maakt..

GHLFMM Chapter
'The reasonable 750Bn/year GHLFMM Fund and the super GHLFMM Bank (MAKING MONEY FOR FREE FOR Global 4th/1st world perspective' Study ½ WE WILL - (NOTES FOR):

- Global Humanitarian Licensing Funding Moralizing Management -


This ultimate project GHLFMM basic will give humanity a new value to esteem and support. Well, this GHLFMM project fundaments will tell you very good news about its financial miracle and a glimpse of how seriously deeply it will be spend on by me solo in theory here.

There are two GHLFMM financial miracles I release here:
The financial miracle is that if all modern citizens with revenue of 700Euro/month and more and successful businesses, are asked a spare coin or a spare small bill each month, it amounts ruff estimation of 1000Billion Euro/year. If this gets doubled by the great and wealthiest capital entities, it is 2000Billion/year, spend for efficient effective and deeply ‘normal’ fieldwork you’ll read some of in this project aim. The second miracle potential financial miracle is that this piece is also the fundaments of a new unique exclusive GHLFMM-bank what can R&D & create and implement money and spend it but no one has to pay what spend.
It is extra Global total rational wealth, you’ll read here into.
To: spend it = if it’s plan an making and spending is good and does not create any general and specific problems, the good thing is it is potentially very large amount of free money what I hope will allow humanity to see our wise ‘humanitarian’ needs to be financed and made possible, as long as all factors investigated and sure of no problems resulting of its yet to define first list of what it knows as critical best practice causes and to have good luck on not creating problems but only upgrading North South East West ‘humanitarian’ basics with its presumable very large non problematic financial ability to for see the world with essential reliefs and to actually perhaps even in controlled ‘humanitarian’ concept to relief all Countries from their National debts by paying the seemingly unproblematic Beneficial’s whom borrowed the money’s thus the no problem must to restrict countries to borrow any more regarding probable regulations oh yes and to actually try to also license and moralize to give the countries a significant amount to start on the comfortable foot themselves.
Now, I release you intellectuals into the factors what make the GHLFMM-Fund and the GHLFMM-Bank here already very wise on the main concerns and few other problematics of the present relief aid in the South, I promise you I master/handle the South here with glance as in quite completely enough here but I hold numerous other specific field work approaches but what I do not want to be public yet.

I want to add there should be a special Muslim GHLFMM. No less no more.

I just rewondered how GHLFMM-Fund will be started, well, good news, I was fluent in telling me HR expertise firm(s) but the best who know to find the best of the best suitable expert managers and managements etc. R&D of course, to actually recruit for the task(s) ahead from scratch to good, started/build and operational. Who are these recruiters of highest possible masters required, be? Noone was assigned to select its starting R&D HR aldo I tried to find a way to solve the individualized official entities and unexperienced world, until this session of attention on this startup worry of me for GHLFMM. Here it comes;: Why not put a webpage up where the dynamic expert HR providing world can be voted and suggested on by independent opinions and for insiders known quite short list of excellency firms, this sort of public’n’well known top of HR art, to lead to a shortlist of most excellent HR firms out there whom are expected of able of delivering for GHLFMM basic excellent management&R&D&startup workers. May the best most suitable HR expert firm win obviously and may the official international government authorities engage and offer to invest/finance basic startup HR and operations before GHLFMM-Fund and Bank self-&provide, and may all involved be humanitarians. The winner by excellent voting amongst the best dynamic HR large size start up and R&D and other required R&D first GHLFMM makers, to get these managers in R&D like GHLFMM to be talented to pursue and structure onto gifted GHLFMM functionality factors.

GHLFMM started in January 2009 in my career and then still very ill personal life. It started off illusionary in practical sense of the word. But gradually by shame and pieces and chunks of solo advancement and no influence, it is the givens what I now consider more than a perfect rare practical ‘humanitarian’ solution where on I am sure we can rely to start off at best. For the 3th and 4th world and 1st world.

It has been a hell and it has survived serious existential evilness threatening my life and the fields their sakes I held for very exclusive rare reasons for optimism and urge.

It might pass your reading in ways you do not understand much of the seriousness behind every given (factors) here, but rest assured the GHLFMM factors I defined is all “humanitarian rocket science common sense simple math’s” where for I see no other basic way to achieve what we will on it. 1000Bn/year working out at best, for the 3th and 4th world, 300K+? 1M BN? All our universal/humanitarian good causes in general on extra national factors.

Global Humanitarian Licensing Funding Moralizing Management


What to do with enough money in mind is so much more effective than bagging for less than needed, and to apply enough money as wise as necessary', I learned it takes the creation of ‘a collection’ of best of the best approaches to start with.
In order for GHLFMM to work I got close with. Because it is to moralize and license.
Allow me to let me continue reading this GHLFMM chapter about some practicalities I eventually made for the fund and bank, it allows it to start very wise, not mediocre as in not bad but nice. I would fight for, if not all sense here do not inspire profoundly.

It is based on (re)solving ‘humanitarian’ challenges by the best proportions of humanitarian wisdom. To understand it as one obstacle and chance(s) to fulfill and to thus be able to spend on created/collected best solutions made comprehensive in the daylight of here I opt to centralize by all means this GHLFMM future I made us here 2009/2016.

GHLFMM-Fund, on the other hand, being outmost wise at (re)solving, it is suitable to think within irrelevant global coin-bill/month amounts to be spend well. I counted 750-1000Billion (Euro alike value) /year (un)noticed. ?
The GHLFMM-Bank what should implement much more than the 1000/2000 of the fund.

if the governments do not want to tax it, we should ask the peoples to sign a bank contract or so, and if not one of these two then the fund must turn the money itself each year the fund her 1000bn/year. Also fun and bad name for the Nations/peoples. The whole field. I am good to help for this situation as I started my invention/resolving career by making up 100ds of new industrial/business/market ideas (what got stolen by vigilant burglary, thanks psychopath.), so that does not intimidate me. But it will be taxed and contracted, I am sure, and we accept not no for answers to double the 1000?/year. Cool!

Here we are to read what the fund and Bank, the GHLFMM senses, is by my eventual solo sense as product of unrealistic to shame of non-sense to this ready level I can stand up for as perfect and not no for answer but yes win win solo project. And remember, we are going to spend 1000BN a year, no matter how “cool”, A.S.A.P. at best. Do this as money makers. Because this normally completes us all.

So far the GHLFMM-ed Fund, the GHLFMM Bank however, might serve to make let’s say double the debts of all Nations, or my so called 1 million billion euro alike future-applications hope.

Goodness goods well at best, on its it cures many of the present outrage.

Eventually I named the Fund project:
Global, Humanitarian, Licensing, Funding, Moralizing, Management, GHLFMM.

Who does not want correct greater wisdom to rely on, has narrow intellect and do not understand what it takes to actually process, think and organize what is required to take on and succeeding more or less all ‘humanitarian’ aims in centralized harmony and reassurances on the future and present.

It is a big picture what needs profound fundaments to react and manage well considered decisions what create no problems and make one sense of it all, decision ally. And field works need to be secured and need their general and specific back protected, allow mine. What below the rules you’re about to read a bit for. Security leads are not shared here. Still too tricky, is for later when that makes sense to us all.
The fund is as intellectual center for theoretic and practical wellbeing quality and progress.
The fund is a ‘must do’ as 'large fund-aspects responsibility for the outmost talent in (re)solving the humanitarian field work problems' as starter. All should become much clearer and much less creatively/corporately neglected. It is to take a good start and to handle required management, and yes, it is to gather financial means in one great closed as open place what is already valid to actually get the kind of means to (let) work out with?. (Licensing, Moralizing)

I am only I, but a collection of inspirations what serious reasons for optimism. It is rarely seen we actually are witness of multi (re)solving on the scale of GHLFMM published in this Magnum Opus collection.

It is not the proportions nor the complexities and neither all obstacles of the humanitarian basic relief field what should mean this fund is a slowly formed project management. What I do like is a new theoretic Humanitarian fund what uses an opportunity to know how to solve many good causes so the quality of handling increases drastically to reliable, and can act on our great aim(s) without “toxic” spending and brilliantly and can act on our great aim(s) on my several basic scaled senses.

In the rules and ideas I made us here and in private circles lay our chances. And my gift for factor is great. Now we had this introduction, following is a list of internal ideas for the fund and bank what make partially its names, GHLFMM’s luck.
Not in order of sense reading, and perhaps even repeating something in couple sequel sessions.


- It may not create financial nor local market problems, and nor any other problem, really, none. Which is a great way to say that whatever does not create problems is cool, there in lays our faith and the sake of many and much. It is called implementing perfectly. ?! But it takes a secure practical vision mine is good for now and into the future.
And the future is important, future generation are equally to be protected and relieved, money needs also then be made if you ask me.

- It re-solves its opportunities with functional theoretically complete solutions what handle all factors on the way and is much like a science. It’s better to shape the future than to running repeating after the tragedies. When the resolving of a greater and detail cause encounters problems on the way, it resolves these with theoretic brilliance as well, for wise handling to work out. If it cannot, it tries to solve the ‘humanitarian’ obstacles one ultimately wise day on.
Few pages under and above you’ll be able to start reading some of my GHLFMM field work leads, solutions and quests. They make it realistic to create a thinking fund with creation, overview, control and one way influence of suggestion but surely a centralizing way.

- Beneficial field works staff are to become protected fully against any form of kidnapping and highly protected against present risks of being attacked –in 1st degree, but all the people of every continent will get this new technical revolution its protection for sure if you ask here. Beneficial(s) staff works moderate sessions what respect mellow physical and mental demands. Rotation organized so workers have place and time to do work with compensating pressures.
The workers their work gears at best and possess highest quality and functionality to the maximum as also their staying and colleagues and situations to rely on.

The workers and public locations are supported in a social local refined ‘community upbuildingness’ affinity to merge in well at best and function/live with a minimal of complexes. This said, there are some anti-kidnapping issues but I lay in confidence we know pretty much how to prevent it continentally thus even to secure citizens and workers with technical innovative invention(s)/solutions to be prototyped yet, the parameters.

The workers do not have to be the best but good enough and an eye for disabled and less able people should be allowed to do their function with ‘humanitarian’ glance.

Workers, citizens, work places and regions etc. to be supported with high tech and high HR/technical solutions preventing kidnapping, attacks and robbery. And supported by ‘settled down regions *’ they work in. *: More on this in the field work ‘reach’ piece in this chapter.
Continental-regional-local security if you ask my can do status on this critical prevailment and Law&Order factor. Much is best to change everywhere. No more harm for instance is an obvious aim. A quest(ion) I hold I worked vastly on, theoretically highly successfully. My Research&Development results are optimistic to prevail humanity and structures against committing any outrageous forms of harming. I’ll pass on my content of this Nobel aim when I’m asked well.

- The fund must create friends cross convictions and mentalities and regions and if good, I am experienced/convinced it is to not make/have enemies.

- It can work later with digital forms what accumulate data files such as numbers accumulate with a multiple anonymous management saving authorizations of internal/beneficial management/employees. Thus multiply objective but yet showing the differences between objective managements and opinions. Also, applications for demands of services and goods are forms what to fill in and range from how much does it cost in greatest assembled details up to what conditions are the workers working etc. up to why they use what machine for and why not another one and what screw they buy at what price and not another better quality equally priced or cheaper from good company, etc. etc. When the best finals equal than a lottery or spread contract can decide the order (GHLFMM (funded) decisions) its deliverance. Also what it does to the free markets is important. Forms and data are published for public to check was my reasoning.
I did not get more into this sort of licensing. But it feel universally bonding.
Numbers and conclusions add up as saved on original files. So not ultimate rather for multiple (anonymous) check and multiple management entries.
And also for providing companies to make a certain % benefit, not less, unless as charitable company/product.

- I seem to prefer and urge fund/bank management to be multiple assignable and function in anonymous multiple team context/project/terms etc.

- These means to facilitate universally wise/righteous 'humanitarian' care purposes. All guided and formed in close work with and on the fund and Bank. More on the GHFLMM bank in this chapter.

-Any internal and funded ‘changing factors’-practicalities may not be unreasonable, in many ways. As I said, this is a great Nobel obstacle but when achieved there in lay the good chances to meet the norm any action/activity by the money must be reassuring to be nice. ?

- GHLFMM guides requesting field works to be of as good as possible ‘Humanitarian’ affinities, state of the art and reassuring to be at best. It is sense what is made internally and externally on the functions of the GHLFMM Fund and Bank no-brainer responsibilities. What I hope all future beneficial field work purposes will experience is that the field fronteering and pioneering to be supported by at least 2 new super wealthy’n’wise partners, the GHLFMM Fund and Bank perfectionistic to pursue to R&D and stabilize sense in all practical factors of the ‘humanitarian’ field work of its (proportionally logically equally most ambitious) purposes.

- I hope profoundly GHLFMM decides globally what local purposes it finances or not or rejects or wants to see the (theoretic/practical) approach improved of, to level with its notion(s) and need for control of good financial spending as in outcome(s).
In order to have its purpose/goal/ (re)solving influence valued it prepares and suggests ‘deals’ part of the ‘settlement’ of armed groups their trouble making. By defining basic nice aims, and personalizing options within ‘cybernetic’ suggesting in catalogue styles to those stoppable with convincing bet good future –promised items of choice. But beyond, I really urge us to wish and desire for GHLFMM internally to be logically decisional because it is financially and thus practically moralizing, a nice global moralizing institutionally exclusive, centralizing for wise future ‘humanitarian’ fieldwork at best, associated logically with the GHLFMM means I invented in this Chapter. I experienced it is very useful to be decision ally moralizing as in powered as responsible. Decision ally centralize GHLFMM can apply decisional humanitarian thinking&mastering required to settle down presently armed obstructers of ‘basic good living’. It is not the larger public nor in-crowd what should be the center of decisional wisdom R&D, I strongly believe in the higher quality of decisional central R&D functional empowerment. Wise fieldwork decisions and approaches by being internally best at creating/financing common sense practical thinking to critical diplomatic factors of criminal groups/practices what must be stopped and handled and stabilized far into the future. I believe in centralizing decisional R&D fieldwork empowerment because the GHLFMM kind of means mean that GHLFMM Fund and Bank potentials is to master basically its beneficial fieldwork aims and approaches.
For settling as stopping armed relief obstructing groups and other harmful practices GHLFMM is simply decisional partner in creating quality effective’n’stable practical good news to their Fund and Bank fieldwork responsibilities.
I just want to tell with this item that having the means means to require approach sense thus also to (decision ally due to) requires to R&D and take field approach decisions, to pursue the best in theoretic and practical critical know how. For instance at certain theoretic/practical stage to be able to suggest effectively&efficiently to relief obstructing present armed groups while not letting escalation of demands from them, but to in power GHLFMM Fund and Bank to ultimately defines how it wants diplomatic quests to be and what no longer to be. This simple detailed sense-decisional thinking function serves well in ‘handling’ the diplomatic fieldwork aim/must to get present obstructing criminal groups to settle down tempted by a better new reality future what thought on them each obstructers specifically how the general basic fieldwork gets them present armed groups ‘to like and accept how and on what effective rules to settle down as in no longer jeopardizing ‘humanitarian’ relief pursues because the presented better life new life perspectives suggestible is the ultimate decisional responsibility of any fund and bank their need for their financial responsibility and their need for their beneficial allocations to be excellent and at best to achieve the diplomatic fieldwork challenge to reach all the needy with the liberated universally inspired relief options we by the essential thinking in this book to have done the thinking.
The must is for GHLFMM to be diplomatically successful by the diplomatic peaceful/prosper approaches it can work with, for reach by all ultimate means, as in when specific critical fields do persist to deny aid to needy habitants, on ultimately such critical obstructing groups to be practically essentially requiring to be handled effectively as normal and fast as possible, forcefully as in anyways ‘humanitarianly’ effective against critical criminal hindering human obstacles’.
I thus think it is very important to R&D for any know how defining responsibilities-in powered GHLFMM Fund and Bank, but with and for quality effective handling and achievement of the associated ‘humanitarian’ fieldwork responsibilities and humaneness practice(s).
Some Humanitarian basics accept no not, but keen onto clean criminality free reaches for aid and fieldwork staff operations to be able to rely on peaceful stabilities.

- I think it is best this fund(s) can simply not transact to criminal or sub motivations and is high tech military wise prevailed as protected this way.
It must state and repeat its handling protocols to all of humanity, against criminality on its means and its criminally nonnegotiable decisional structures.

- I thought to internally have managers or agents to be dynamic and variable and sort of unknown, but also multiple in attention to practicalities whether evaluation, decisions, input, etc.
Whatever is good for GHLFMM, GHLFMM its decisions and numbered details to be public, but to protect GHLFMM Fund and Bank its functioning against any corrupting and fraudulent interests.

- The GHLFMM Bank and the GHLFMM fund work against internal fraud and corruption.
This future the beneficial companies and HR-recruiters are institutionalized and moralizing by all involved as beneficial to fill out officially detailed forms of application for a field work need/order/planning.

Potential aid work staff to apply also their application to what I invission as a needed GHLFMM Beneficial’s-HR Authority, and practically thus translation based. For the HR factors to be able to be prevailed and check and prevailing with protocols to protect the beneficial field works their staff. To moralize the recruitment as licensing and moralizing HR sensitive authority etc. To exclude corrupted recruitment by internally checking on agree-ability and checkable resume and background check etc. Basically all HR managed double.
Local people and local law and order people should experience recruitment proceeds to select the best candidates of a variety of educational, mental/physical/metaphysical/psychological and effectiveness as reliable fair HR choices what surely talented to make the workplace and allocated job functions good at the licensed ‘humanitarian’ requirements. BUT GHLFMM GOTS THEIR BACK?:
An prevailing environment factor I found is to protect workers from criminals normally eager to steal their function, the fund employment department, in case something mortal and or criminal happens to an employee, or long illness, than it is the continental department what recruits a new employee with a strict protocol against HR corruption-who knows for real; checked by random (Global?) Beneficial’s HR prevailing GHLFMM office. And an investigation should be started.

Thus to prevail and moralize the HR of the beneficial allocations, what employees they select of all applicants and why. It is sense to provide the GHLFMM Fund and Bank with the essentially critical HR related departments whom can process also the applicants to be validated to a 2nd consideration. And of course quick direct recruitment must also moralize local security work conditions, etc.
This way the fund can check whether quality HR choices of its beneficial are made and not for instance due friendship or corruption or fraud, but in normal manners for good basic HR factors.
Here aims for the employed people and infrastructures and materials to be respected and to be merit by all community members at their field works, and vice versa.
And the fund and bank should request and let moralize the employments by its beneficial by setting its own HR standards to its beneficial employees. I like to moralize humanity and workers, for instance that the Fund and Bank prefers kind, fit allocated HR with engaged mentality, worldly, and irrelevant disabled factors where possible, and in basic very humanitarian and worldly.
And also this: Besides from good public work conditions at best, there must be thought of home alike private stress-free comforts as for GHLFMM’s beneficial workers to be able to feel at ease as in any home off-workplace retreat. ?!

- Commercial sub motivations and affinities:

Companies whom respect human dignity such as healthy work conditions and demands, and what orders or plans on ordering healthy/quality products/services as moralizing allocations to produce the needed product to good basic humanitarian norms as allocations of healthy conditions and saneness. And financially sanely engaged.

More licensing ruling specific aspects:

– Saneness, functional qualities and comfort of consumer goods used for the outworking humanitarian choices/aims.

– I stand for a Global/continental GHLFMM beneficial allocated fieldwork factors to with totalitarian perfectionistic, on the next and only correct level, Security/safety/protection/prevention and geological pursue ability, for what is left of practical details because my career holds already practical incentives what make this as basic priority to R&D without accepting no for answer. For the ‘real’ required humanitarian field proportions such as regional situations, HR and safety/security functions and infrastructural factors and prevailed protection of loose objects and relief materials anti-theft proportions, and staff nutrition and drinks and supplements and reasonability of job requirements and off duty conditions to be mastered for, and especially not neglected and left fragile, but sensitively hyper serious R&D’ed and organized to securing new high standards of this obviously much more active ‘humanitarian’ field. Work/functioning factors reinforced as much as possible. An example is for allocated staff members job spots of beneficial fieldworks to have backpacks or work situation with integrated seat and other basic functions such as water, a knife and torch, fire material and of course best suspension/carry qualities, etc. affinity for quality materialism and tiring ongoing tasks to be spread amongst possible task rotations on light sessions. Working in the for me musts to try to make public field working as reliable/safe/stable/prevailed/backed up/settled conditions/functions what developed upon to meet a no- and extreme minimum of casualties aim –what honestly boils down to some sort of technological justice and law and order -“clairvoyant glass ball” and extra local installments of eagle eye view camera technologies prevailing criminal minds to commit an outrageous attack on anyone (and in the best ultimate case on the other hand be made available a free drug to them questionable bad citizens for them to be innerly helped to behave yet to have a special environmental co-existential sensation and qualities.. as in a detail I hold for out of this book) -technical/HR super police and justice upon the present and future localities of any community. Global mastering of this no-brainer aim to prevail and apply a justice and help at best, is an technical –always caught requirement but is in fact a practical detail if GHLFMM is decision ally moralizingly in powered. It is just to no longer be able to attack someone without having all or much chance to be caught and brought to justice. Not everywhere possible but surely as good as everywhere diplomatically achievable if you ask my esteem of defining effective wise fieldworks.

For armed groups you'll come across this work document 'Once in life time settlement deals with 'present' major, harming armed groups 25+ years long secured peace agreements what tempting, along with future perspectives what meant for good citizens and settling present relief obstructing armed groups, what further more interesting, etc.
Additional prospect of 'postponed gifts' and (specific present-rules) for 'reliable stable moralizing reaching time to relief the relying and any disaster areas'. I know some GHLFMM field work specifics I did not include here.
The fund deciders should not be influenced by external pressure, to not be obstructed while researching and contemplating etc. They should decide what they suggest to get and what conditions, but not generally the other way around, a one direction giving, and auto-no to unsolicited criminal demands. (Aldo options for the evolved such as
GHLFMM catalogues to be made to let distinguish preferences at the given made to stop their harming and accept better reality situation(s) optioned. To suggest at best for basic and extending ‘Humanitarian’ corporation with the GHLFMM reach- aims and musts.

- The GHLFMM bank* and the GHLFMM fund do, I think, best normally not subsidize wars, I'm sure prestige means no wars and humanitarian statement and proving its humanitarian qualities and Devine (proportional) military controls. And so, best by all creative/internal means preventing wars to be able to happen, but if critical groups must be stopped with force at best, than it is I think best for GHLFMM to find that there are enough good intended international army means deployable already, and thus no need for even more by the GHLFMM Fund. The GHLFMM Bank might just be a different story, as it might want to fund as in organize a Global humanitarian army to prevail and protect everywhere against criminal armed intentions.

- If it depends on me the GHLFMM bank and the GHLFMM fund will not be managed by politicians, but by the best of the best suitable peers’n’management, (re)solving scientists and professionals, letting work out the internal GHLFMM concept(s) for quality of its involved allocated Beneficial’s their field work. Politics are a democratic flux and are actually partially nonfunctioning entities in this large circumstanced proportion what complex not for chitchat but for GHLFMM talents and pursue in order to present the world and convince reasonable critics of the pursued need for Global ‘humanitarian’ fieldwork success at best. Presentations what results of centralizing creative, analytic, decisional management, etc. Do we want GHLFMM or a neo liberal stupid practically potentials approaching bastard. ?
Politicians, best have the right of opinion, and are surely needed for certain decision of course to start with.
If you want, put me in the GHLFMM middle outside the box. I’ll be rich and have plenty to offer, more than average and potentially excellent contributing source, counts for all of us ‘humanitarians’ by hard.

- Consensus: Forever Licensing Care
preventing future to make wrong decisions with it, and to
let do the correct with the Humanitarian sense ‘humanitarian’ means/prosperity. In this way it needs an unbreakable
internal law which states certain limitations against cooperating/functioning as "evil plan
and also not as internal wrongness", irresponsibility, not relea(li)sing/licensing of
detail details, etc., against approaches off the moral point.

– If GHLFMM is against a certain criminal sector and sees it as its responsibility to finance the best solutions. GHLFMM reasons consensus decisions probably be a sector like child prostitution, controllable trouble makers and any dwelling activities like domestic violence etc. I explain it is in its interest to state to want to eradicate all criminalities ‘But to only solve those it has created high quality suggestions/solutions for the involved and evolving by ‘humanitarian’ purpose any form of outrageous harming to anyone. Or, GHLFMM hates them so much that it just stops them as brilliantly as required against the evolved bad people/structures their will. It would stagnate primary gates to and of Africa for instance to abruptly call war on all harming practices, as does create enemies and the fund and bank needs none. It will engage attempt and progress towards its anti any harm(ing)ers-goals but acts only when wise (’n’ me in on nice) enough in control of the specific harm practice so it can suggest new reality what functionally diplomatically sacksful as in tempting, to my experience GHLFMM must minimalize the situations it makes evolved criminal stop harming against their nice cooperating will –to a minimum. I have learned by relentless creative pursues how to stop many forms/sets of harmers in the daylight of GHLFMM field mastering means, that to me most of harmers seem to be stoppable by nonviolent, non-conflicting function of GHLFMM but that good ‘humanitarian’ norms can work out universally flexible and I expect GHLFMM to be able to always decision ally confront involve ds and suggest them a good future, not a new situation what might stop them them but what makes them enemies in conflict and not in moralizing control by most often agreeing and moralizing and liking what stops their harming.

– Messages to GHLFMM of criticism or problem messages might be changed to become more functional but the senders should receive original and upgraded message to them. They fall by category of purpose: such as primarily: Problems-…., helpful information, incoming solutions, incoming criticism, etc. incoming public thinking, etc. All as public suggestions, the public suggest and incoming/internal communication to get thus basic functional tags.
– It is a very good idea to consider GHLFMM to only support preferably (and ‘soon’? Organic) Vegetarian Nutrition, excluded, bewildered tragedy situations what have no vegetarian choices. I want “my” dear South to start perfect and to ultimately stay nutritionally and market wise sane as once the South is becoming one paradise on Earth.
Diets to be preferably sane only. But supplements such as Methilcobalamin etc. to be given to all citizens and staffs if they want, etc. Full meat replacing diets. I want the best cuisines of the world to everywhere social, this is one of the normal full relief global ‘humanitarian’ musts.

Furthermore I want to tell you now here I want the world agriculture to become state of the Art biological, eventually when wise enough. Yes, here I said it. Well, thank you all very much for the results, I’m convinced of you’ll all be great to this practical detail included, including the life stock industries. Know, guys, sometimes the aim is simple math what leaves whole fields knowing the rest is practical detail “history”. I remind this factor it’s evolved that biological future should be more tempting than non-biological agricultural practice, I want to say to you all that I want it to be beneficial on all factors for you industry. (And you can count on me and/or mine.)

- The fund its start to be probably best military alike based because it must handle external factors, well, reliable and precise. Full protection by state of the art army means is a good environment for it to function and to start thinking to its basic problems, leads, quests and solutions in closed environment. Really. I like the fact humanity will witness the best decisions and projects, anyways with reliable progress and stands in durable security. More on this in a bit. But not that the military is involved but fully as required evolved enough. If you ask me for all the sakes, definitely top security and large and wealthy for comfort staying. A secure remote highly totally protected resort will do.
I think this is sense regarding to the interests and demands and R&D sensitive internal sensitive incentive character.
You know, it’s not just a fund but also a new sort of a moralizing mega bank because GHLFMM does not create problems’ it solves them great enough and with successful ‘humanitarianly’ opportunistic sense enough.

- It does best not finance fights against crimes yet yes anyways all the humanitarianly more brilliance requiring ones? eventually. And GHLFMM does logically not allocates wars for that there is enough global army in the wide range on to be collected army functions, more on this somewhere in this book.
But logically GHLFMM supports and tests ideation to solve Humanitarian and civil crimes with tempting licensing of private rights of each citizen, as only no-harm/harms-stop sustainable solutions. Further I think it is best it states what it has no such solution to yet and so what will be ignored and let, or how let. Reminder the minimal of enemies, it is as easy and much more functional to come up with practical field work ideas what make friends, rather than enemies. But it takes creativity, well, enough here to start with I may so on the readership’s behalf to make of this book it all into being large reasonable humanitarian humn at best at relentless incentive practical work.
The fund and Bank does not stop what it does not have no-brainer up to brilliant, ‘complete’ solutions for. Criminalities are tolerated by the GHLFMM money until wisdom is defined what can be suggested to replace each rather difficult theoretically challenging criminalities with brilliant new reality what works.

– Eventually, funds of field work sites and totally new projects, have to get licensed. I am quite sure of as it is no more an independent level and license all its aspects and significant ones of other Humanitarian proportions, educuate money needs educuate management, may I thank all parts of my life what have brought me to the wisdom factors I contribute successfully bringing evolved fields to their professional goodness.

This was this wild solo list of basics for already very essential best practice givens for GHLFMM internally and especially for the humanitarian field factors in general I want it to level with.

Following below is the last part of my GHLFMM solo project Chapter, the part with specific fieldwork approaches I hold. You’ll love them I think. But first I start by telling in all this Chapter incentive its daylight, what we in wait of GHLFMM being R&D’ed as in organized and working out, is finically a pre-GHLFMM suggestion for required financial humanitarian means to be collected:

Before we read thru this greater project I can gladly inform you I created a supporting fieldwork pieces-:- to cover the first few years here on all the possible critical humanitarian crisis field work needs and opportunities with the money they need in order to provide the experience of the crisis civilians with extended basics for very extended (bet on mine) basic comfort.
Here is a short piece I wrote to tell about the piece:
For the field work statuses in the meanwhile of this greater GHLFMM fund and bank to be invented and working out, here rolls on the idea to assign few of the best fundraisers and starters in the world, for them to analyze the wishes of all the possible humanitarian crisis situations their needs for the coming several years, where for there is reach achievable in wise ways of course here on.
To see how much it costs, and to produce a global fundraising (recurring) event what is a first hint of a new era that great things do happen with glance mastership fundraising.
What I ask in my piece is for the too poor to also be in counted as global priority crisis, as citizens often get forgotten because they have a home or live in a stable nation -but they die in their homes or on (or under) the street of starvation and violence etc.

The value of money will become clear to the modern world, so this is a perfect exercise, like an intro, a show case that we are serious and that we achieve, hopefully. I also want to wish for the successful solutions in this book, that some become developed as charity companies/products/services*. Now, if you will, The GHLFMM Fund/Bank.


“Let’s make the best with it.”

I am only I, see my GHLFMM Fund field work ideas as a class for inspiration.

GHLFMM, it, can still work on brainstorming for inspirations for nice ideas to the many topics it isn't handling, but as you know the effect of this master literary happening here….
It is anyways to get to be known as special and gentle and influential, handling even seemingly unsolvable practicalities.

I learned the missing links are functional ideas for GHLFMM-Fund and -Bank, big in depth overview on factors in general.
The following fresh fieldwork approaches are best recognized as intellectual basic processes to get an idea of what relief reads like. And only just my gradual/chunks on GHLFMM, while it best be the intelligence is contagious humanitarian ‘basic’ principle of relief and stability.


(Random order

In order to brake one of the greatest reasons why people do not donate of whom are (made) aware they are needed, is that they argue the goods and money falls in the wrong hands. And it would in a political/management way of management.
Finance is not the key, I am against 750Bn/year fund if it is not part of a functional reach master plan etc. Logistic army is good for protecting goods, financial means and people. It is to protect cargo, to guard places where now nothing reaches and all gets stolen and sold on to the commercial market. And the safety of the people and workers of the continents, or is that the GHLFMM anti-kidnapping army. I add now on 03/11/2016 an attempting technical ideas to try to be inspiring:
All people on the African continent to made swallow a unique nano chip what stick in the inside somewhere.
The way the Nano chips are reached to be by radio MHz broadcast what surely like any reaches signal in our stumig for instance enough.
The radio broadcast is the visualizing signals of radars but radiobroadcast to be constant and reflected by each person its unique code, showing the radio chips only broadcast as the radar visualization of the radio broadcast as per Nano or nothing, by a by computers and digital n gps etc. map of whole continent and more, where on the radiobroadcast shows the Nano’s as these are the only thing what intercepted specifically as radio/radar/nanocode-reflection on visualized radio broadcasting innovation or invention computerized.
But each’s daily life doing and where etc. and staff’s to be programed, actually most people by computer logic of comfort zone and the weird like dislocation from home or work or holiday etc., thus already by so enclosed by multi hyper geo operationally listy elite force of anti-kidnapping, (Your thing is over guys, sorry no sorry).. Sure, just how it should be, by any sane mean of simple open quests and open questions how, etc.? It is just a practical detail the practical basics we learned by this latest attempting chance to impress o inspire them tech’s.

I add now 18/10/2016 I have a lead for a radar sort what can search specifically on a person its unique code of in body by intake or so what sticks in the intestines for instance. hidden mini chip what ones in several hours just allows the special imaginable radar to get reply to its specific code broadcast in with the chip its code activity to trigger location. It is big to say all people everywhere to be in fast way so protected and defended against kidnapping for money etc. but it is GHLFMM anyways a logic thing to prioritize by all efforts of R&D and scalability in timely manner. Tiny chip ones invented and the radar possible it goes fast for such simple chip to code as remarkable to radar etc. I’m nervous but further down this book a bit there is a much reducing of gain for a kidnapping victim’s release but also maximum ones per region as together not worth more than a max. Risk money. Etc. Logistic army are handpicked soldiers whom guard and fill up and deliver and manage sources of valuable crucial goods and money. Imagine a machine what can hold medical doses used in social hospitals, what cannot be stolen of, and controlled by this logistic army, imagine the power of building places of logistic army and depots where from distribution happens, spread over Africa and other continents. This is what I mean, by thinking with money, it means you install what needs to be installed for money to be well spendable. To disarm the armed rebellion groups are expected to settle for ‘once in a life time deals’ so reach is total. In most cases, as least.


– Humanitarian Reach, hopefully surely important leads:

The fund's financial/theoretic-agreed 'humanitarian' influence is its chance to work theoretically to reach all people in need for 'humanitarian' basics and extended means, and to co-work on solutions to achieve ‘Global Basic Goodness Outworking and Stabilities’ as so its chance and must to disarm most and have them settle down agreeing and tempted with win win suggestions, others are handled by others I don’t know personally, and some others few left armed occupations to dis-isolate the regions they occupy as to allow these extended GHLFMM basic diplomatic good and means etc. to relief and support the citizens directly with no fraud nor corruption drains in the origin to personal reach and for some of them armed community occupiers to agree to get things going well. Specially adapted tempting offers so all and most tolerate the help designed to be allowed by them, mine hold. To usefully for GHLFMM to best be let gain of enrolling ‘present/future-deal’ factors defining the win win deals as ones in a life time super tempting social and material gain chains on each now presently denying or obstructing nor fraud Humanitarian aid. ‘Beyond-ly’ wise created. This with authority from out of the fund and its beneficial organizations a rather ‘one way communication’ confident to change all occupiers and isolating deniers of aid -harmers into 'humanitarian' basic factors settled down groups, regions, nations, etc. Because GHLFMM is to think at best what to tell the bad ones how they’re life can be without being against but along with professional goodness.

A future what can be one way well prepared and suggested and most probably agreed on, and I have described practicalities for some specific armed groups in the way of humanitarian reach, and especially am quite optimistic for approach much promising change can be submitted to extreme conviction-end and occupiers. To be accepted care specifics, changes.
And specifically fragile ideas ‘what’ leads how to and what to ‘do, offer and demand’ of these inhumane, harsh and convictions.

Armed occupation groups where for very detailed graphic catalogues GHLFMM can pre-arrangely make and personalize. Based on variable factors, such as catalogue per group, where of the groups can choose of certain favors and products and agree benefits. They enroll gradually and according to schedules logically, as reach time is established as stable presents into far extended future for instance ones and for all for 25 years etc. and so regions can be helped without fraud without corruption nor theft and by full logistic army protected aid/relief reasonable situations to start such great relief fieldwork(s) as GHLFMM.

The deals can go far into the future, such as providing shelter and nutrition, but also a future (fungus?) alternative home why not etc. It is to become part of the best possible future for all involved.
Groups what need to calm down and start behaving and allowing, is just part of the release of totalitarian planning’s, what focus on showing citizens the precise future for them, violent groups are just part of what all get (or some not, on the contrary), but specially tempted specifically.

Do you get this a little bit, because to me it makes sense as much as I can make us sense?

I have decided to not go into my practical deals ideas for specific groups and how isolated citizens can be reached. Thus I hold part.

Let us create this GHLFMM control successfully leaving no citizens in Humanitarian needs unrelieved, may that be clear. And may the power be with GHLFMM.

Monday, April 15, 2013
3th and 4th world modal for use of fresh B-grade vegetables, crops and fruits, at bottom prices. And some of the 3th world obstacles and advices of me for the basic solutions to also be of use to relief the 3th world effectively. Proportions of possible reliefs of this idea: not calculated yet
B-grade vegetables and fruits and crops are agricultural results what not harvested or discarded away because of the shape is not meeting the norms of the consumer market (consumer business), and also because farmers and corporate agricultural producers did not sell well on time their presented stock.
In theory these products are valid for consumption.
Vegetables and fruits and crops are fine and efficient, filling Nutrition’s, and are affordable. I thought 'what if B-grade VF&C what valid for consumption but not wanted on the regular market, and they are business accidents on the regular market, than it seems OK to let harvest these dis-shaped VF&C for human consumption, I explain you what to do with it. And to not throw away these unsold VF&C if for destruction, but, but, each Government and all funds what want can regulate prepared meals -kitchen (with volunteer workers and apprentice and students also), where the VF&C's are made into an applied variety of sane meals. And clean them well off any pesticides. High cuisine with all good means?. The farmers get a fair price.
Let the governments and funds organize themselves to present themselves as potential buyers of the B-grades, at lower prices and for use-able VF&C only. This tax free, and at least inter-nationally centralized coordination. Now, the VF&C's where of the durable consumption health norms factors are close to un-usable as in not pure anymore or becoming rotten (too soon),can also be of use? And exceptional diets for the ill social beneficial consumers with particular diet requirements. Now, about the B-shaped VF&C's what not harvested? Because of no buyers or a bit too much bad luck by climate circumstances, or no management or HR/costs risks what not taken. Well, I don't know how much of what is left on the fields to rot or to fuse with the soil, I have had the impression it is quite serious how much.
An application for 3th world reliefs is a complex matter without limits of functionality by potential loss/no-reach and with HR of the 3th Chapter GHLFMM and its financing, for logistic army, and infrastructures for personal reach of those who should be on the list of Beneficial’s their basic needs. Either it can be solved with quite some costs and state of the art solutions to the basic challenges of most of the 3th world situations where relief is needed, such as a continental logistic army for reliable reach (More on this in the last GHLFMM Chapter of this book.). And either it is not profoundly supported or not well designed and so bound to fail or make big mistakes.() But if there is a potential to nourish all poor and ill in need for (sane) meals, globally, just because of B-grade and unsold conditions of the VF&C's than it is about money we talk, but like I know money now since some time, I understand if we could install in continents such as Africa a Continental thingy I call complete ‘logistic army’ for management and reach of transportable prepared and dry meals and other valuables of present interest of crooks. If designed by the best of the best and preventions and stops and achieve reach for the listing of Beneficial’s is all solved and made possible somehow, than it is actually a small gesture for global politics to ask their citizens with a coin/bill spare a month to pay such very low amount as tax, enough to pay for secure/reliable National and Global relief.
But I do warn, it seems to have more than one reason like this one to install and build such continental logistic/reach army, for existing relief’s managements for instance.) If it does not sound well or does stand at concept, consequential to any problematics expected -in theory it is surely not a suitable approach. Also, if pursue-able and pursued at deepest levels of management and experts talents, it is a good advice to know it is nicer to say what is concluded, what can and will be installed and what is prevented and what will become of the project(s). Such as criminal interests and thinking a billion is too much while speaking the language of money means: abundance.
Now, the pack edging of potentially prepared meals. I thought, and it is only an idea what I do not know of whether the production market of pack edgings materials can or want to make such change real. My idea is to make certain products be packed with the same recyclable plastics what can be collected and re-used. As not all plastics packaging’s are recycled but rather thrown on garbage areas amongst all less renewable materials and substances, well it is sense to make producers whom use pack edging and the chemical factories providers, (make) use more the same plastic sorts what good for recycling and use as pack edging of the prepared, sane, governmentally controlled, 4th and 3th world meals of the B-grades VF&C's available and apply-able for humans consumption.
Would there be enough B-grades to give all humans a (suitable) full diet? And will a portion be packed in a self-heating (NASA ish) solution(s)? ?
And will there be a logistic army based on global collective effort sized to continental control of at least meals to start with. This logistic army of course is a main pillar of GHLFMM, it seems nice to start collecting the ambitious means for critical complete intervention.
I want to add 01/10/2016, for the crops to be washed with neutralizing substances what undo of any pesticides, until bio is just making more money in few years of now I’m on.

– Layer agriculture on renewable energy>construction materials>NEW COMMUNITIES

Imagine deep large layer agriculture factories what produce fungus/mold applications. Fungus is something great I discovered years ago in my kitchen. There was a mushroom what laid on the cooking device for several weeks. Well I picked it up and noticed it was very hard and light of weight and almost not infected. Some years later it occurred to me it was a very special moment. I started to work with the given and discovered and concluded few things.
Fungus is being applied in industrial packaging to protect products their corners. It is grown in shapes and then dried. It are small, randomly growing fungus wires what form then a very hard shape.
Well, to improve this into applications for housing and other applications, it seems to me it requires a scientific push in the most interesting direction. If fungus would be made fluid, and grow filling a form completely, it suits to replace concrete solutions for 3th/4th world housing can also be achieved by layering sane layers of fungus, what so form walls of thin hard layers. In any way, by all means ? any concrete maker out of revenue and work can switch to become a fluid fungus good job with your relations.
A technical lead is what-light and heat density is minimally required for fungus to grow? And of course for the layer factories to be automatized so the layer containers are cycled up to collect in normal work conditions but underground rather than special, and thus automatized. Sterile by air here you come in one good hopeful day.
I started thinking of building 3th world housing, schools, hospitals etc. with it, and sanitarian infrastructures.
Great news, especially if grown on self-sufficient as renewable energy and the lights...dynamic and lasting cleaning water and filtered waste recycled near such factories etc. dream on loud, connect. And fluid fungus what treated against water, would be the new social/community projects.

3Th world construction and (sanitarian- also) materials and constructing: To make this material waterproof I am in a less degree thinking of such quite optimal Fungus options their external waterproof layer what might be substance into paintable or spray able to waterproof construction applications. Wise natural agriculture crops based might be a good lead to start thinking with. ?
Plant partial functions are just effects and hopefully in favor, proportionally wise.

There are few major application needs for such great nonprofit factories.
The good thing is once invested in it keeps on giving for free.

You should think like I can, such bare idea causes troubles and would cause serious criminal interests. But not if it can rely on being part of greater circumstantial practicalities supporting distribution and financially strong to for instance offer continental logistic army to protect the goods and applications of master plans to be save. It needs to rely on basics what are at this moment not installed yet.
This is a good reason why the “GHLFMM” fund and Bank are a must. It opens opportunities what otherwise simply not even realistic.

I don’t see commercial applications fair to build the 3th world fresh housing and providing master plans to build living areas where most crucially needed.
So, there are social opportunities what the GHLFMM fund and Bank should be able to count in and eventually provide funds sounds cool.

I thought of how to actually take it on to build where now heavy harsh civilizations are. Not only to you have to empty them, but you have to make them livable for and by both involved. The bad people and the good people.
Of course tents are interesting because they can gather people to then work on their new social housing habitats. Well, I noticed there are two sorts of people what need to be separated, the good citizen and the bad ones. And I had inspirations how we can manage this.
By considering to offer two groups new habitat situations. Tempting for the bad ones to prefer the ones where the more tricky people can be compensated.
Sort of two stores, one are new localities and societies where there is protection and law and order installed …
And ones where the bad people get other privileges such as some beverages a week, meals of course, but also access to extra local and regional video evenings, and some other extra’s such as an interesting amount of pocket money to spend in shops specially made for their interests such as marihuana etc. all other products provided they cannot rent good unless they will be living in higher norms/security territories for the good.

And you know what, this part was cool.

I want to add the new good communities offer perhaps best its citizens with high-tech solutions for in moments where distress. And more common.

And is a layer agriculture model right for growing nutrition?

There you go.

There are certain reoccurring crime/interest problematics what are critical and so far not yet solved.
But I can say the security measurements will be magic, and will attempt to totally exclude the temptingnes of these physical emotional top priorities.
I expect the fieldwork R&D for GHLFMM demanded quests will achieve to fully protect and prevent the problematic interest jeopardizing security of its total human interest and allocated purposes.

Tonight I had my usual chat with myself and came up with what seems a conscious conclusion what drawn of certain ideas I have worked with the past 5 years.

It is quiet understandable and seems to need some of the rules I set for my GHLFMM fund and bank their rules.
If possible, it is for the debts of Nations to be paid back for them, entirely, by the GHLFMM Bank, and of course any other basics possible wishes to get means such as any disasters related prevention infrastructures.
And perhaps they can get a big extra to foresee infrastructure, social and medical assurance, and investments, etc., but managed by GHLFMM if they are regions what not trust worthy as in corrupt and fraudulent. Hardly need for politics. But, do not think to get away cheap by suddenly lending much money to countries, because I want thinks to stay the same as long GHLFMM Bank and Fund are not operational detailed operation, or else GHLFMM would punish with less financial favors these players.
Well, I happen to be still the only person on Earth who understood it was the GHLFMM-Bank what seems needed to license such preparations in order to convince the mass it is only doing good and no harm.
Of course this transaction needs a set of its own rules.

The GHLFMM-Bank as I call it, can R&D, create money and pay/integrate (with) it, without it owes it to anyone. It is High end scientific free money.
A rule is obvious to me, it is to restrict governments to create such huge debts again, but fairly said, if an GHLFMM-Bank would get created and gets it licensed to pay off the debts of the Nations and, in one go, it might as well give them some pocket money to start off on the right foot and clean up and provide their community, infrastructures and HR mess, as in make their ‘humanitarian’ interests beneficial.
And allow the Nations to create a debt of a certain % of their BNP for in case of emergencies and other potential needs, full back up, but watch it because a GHLFMM bank/fund means moralizing.

My argument goes like this;: Investors in Nations are rich or Banks and some citizens. This does not harm I think, it is just a bit more money where money would go anyways and much more anyways.
The good thing about this is the rich do not spend more money because they gain what they invested in Governments. And the Banks, well, they would become stronger and richer, what is also good news. And there would be more (investments in) development and business.

All this needs are questions to be answered, such as what do governments spend on materialistically speaking, and what should they not spend this liberating act of wisdom on. What plan of approach works for this global wish with this GHLFMM bank?
It is especially the trick to set rules what make Nations part of their project on spending the sudden prosperity. The GHLFMM-Bank rules and affinities I set out for it is for the GHLFMM-projects to think for the collective ‘humanitarian’ fieldwork. To think, consider, conclude at best and to manage to maintain its rules to keep working out, and created for purposes and no problems.
I strongly recommend to not take short cuts, and with this blog holding my conclusions and solutions, leads and quest of the past years of my solitude I hope we expect me to also deliver brilliant wisdom on my future pursues to upgrade humanity and it’s, into good stable living, backed up like never before.

On top of paying of the depths, it seems to me it is no problem to upgrade the countries profoundly. Roads repaired or upgraded to high end conclusions on how roads of the modern day are like best, ? green energy installed per continent, social hospitals and social elder care homes build and maintained and given for instance a sum to get on the right foot for their future functioning, schools repaired and build and teachers hired, wild life protected and nature protection expended, some sort of universal replacing income and I hope we can provide 3th and 4th world people with rent per slices of 6 months somehow, water and sanitary basics to be designed created installed everywhere where needed, also programs, and we can build and buy social housing as much as we want I believe, national problematics to be resolved once and for all in complete motion and state of the Art handling, and much more. Simply financed by the GHLFMM Bank and the liberated world prosperity from the countries and world. I see no problem, because the money means no serious spending pikes it seems to me it is irrelevant to implement such vast amount of money into beneficial community. Especially when gradually per stable good outcome.

To top my GHLFMM great essential/critical exclusive gifted solo practical basics, is for banks and other financial corporations and institutional entities such as governments are also, for banks&co to not be saved but made moralizing, and by all means made licensed/moralizing for they must moralize such as to not create financial risks but from now on to just stick to the legal moral making of benefits. Same for stocks, good business wins.
But for the good sure a bit anyways hey. ?


I realized this late (almost not) one of the logic musts and surely not problems creating if GHLFMM-Bank defines what our luck is of course and yes if able to implement the financing, what seems to me it does not create obvious problems, we got ourselves green energy and can start settling down our past. I am very happy because it is not a question of material proportions, and this bit of money more going around seems minimal.
Good news and almost free energy ?

EVERY CITIZEN ON EARTH SHOULD GET few hundred/thousand digital Euro worth alike or so worth each now and then, preferably managed with them for security/safety factors. If security needed it should make sure it reaches so you enjoy it. For drug users this might be a problem, as they best not get so much money to buy lethal dosage drugs. Complicated but a good beginning talking about distribution of prosperity meaning the factor to create no problem(s) stands like this reasoning but fully profoundly, GHLFMM factors, wisdom being made and at work.
I add I and here by my DREAMTEAM opt to offer 1million box to each lovely person alive in save (anti overdose etc) and VIP financial management ways. Here for I explain again I&DREAMTEAM hold sci fi now invention quest ideas what when invented we will replace much old with the best and most efficient ideal things but the patents and licenses we get (in fastest practical boosted ways licensed by capiral minimal time maximum official licensing potentials to get our chances) to share these production rights and mergant potentials with all good interested companies in the world and sell only very low price state of the scifi now arts inventions, amounting to +-2000Billion box a year for my DREAMTEAM personally. It means 1 billion people +- to get 1 million box each what means 1.000.000 Billion what is 33.000Billion box a year x 33 years, I&DREAMTEAM just need some more ideas in amount of +- 2000Euro alike amount each revenue in winwin and fine models of responsibility. Don’t say no until we make you grow you the hair colors and magics at will or pure air reality definition Televisions etc etc etc, The Lord fun.


For those with money and without, even coins spare, NGO's etc. could for see investment facility what invests in good things to double the money. That is abundance. For the poorest, a coin should worth ‘it’s’ double. There where needed, this is great.

Jobs is not required in a way it seems to me often easier to create social security for those whom have no job. For this my concept is 'charity companies'. Global companies and products where of the benefits go to a specific good cause. You can imagine if all my valid new product and companies ideas here would have become charity companies and products, one can cheer on massive 'humanitarian' impact already, and I am only one (even if not just anyone).
This way the required fair billions can be earned and redistributed in social security causes.
The stream is not endless but if people have money they should be able to buy work, in a vast creative and eager globalized market. Especially because there our money is worth more and employees cheaper.
I wish you good fortune.
And I can remind us in this book, I hope on making lowest paid jobs into very well paid, and social security for all basics. ?
Here the end of my solo GHLFMM bank/fund project outlines.

There is more GHLFMM spending’s under here in this book, like disease preventions natural supplements for free for all humans if they want.
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Het is een exclusieve Bank/fonds financieel economisch globaal model voor een nieuwe exclusieve soort globale Bank en Fonds dat ik theoretisch ontwikkeld heb. Het beginsel is een exclusieve Globale Bank dat geld kan maken en ermee betalen maar niemand hoeft het besteden geld betalen want het is gratis geld, maar enkel als het geen problemen veroorzaakt en dat het enkel veldwerken bekostigd dat op theoretisch volledig wijs zijn en state of the art. Ik denk dat het heel veel geld bestedingen kan ontwikkelen en besteden zonder problemen te veroorzaken. In grootste bestedingen zouden alle landen verlost kunnen worden van al hun staatschulden mits te voldoen aan bepaalde Nationale sereniteiten.. Het kan heel de wereld gratis groene energie geven, en het kan een logistiek Humanitair oplossing/leger voorzien en Internationale/lokale Humanitaire oplossingen maken dat voedsel en geneesmiddelen volledig in moreel veiligste handen zijn tegen criminele activiteiten, enz.
Het is een Humanitaire Bank en Fonds voor de 1st, 3de en 4de wereld, en dit geesteskind van mij, GHLFMM, is voorbestemd om vooral wijsheid na te streven en ik heb het graag centraal gemachtigd gezien om onze uitdagingen, veldwerk Research&Development&Management en GHLFMM haar bestedingen op hun best centraal vooral naar onze goede inborst te laten kunnen spreken. De exclusieve Globaal gratis geld bank model is in mijn tekst hierboven intern het theoretisch R&D&oplossen en gezond denken op het lijf geschreven, zodat niks valt te onderhandelen door enige onredelijke buitenwereld. Geen geldkoorts maar dus wel centraal garant staan voor wijsheid in petto, en potentieel rijk genoeg kan besteden. In de redelijk lange tekst van mijn post hierboven is vooral theoretische ontwikkeling opdat het heel sterk zou kunnen besteden op ideale veldwerk projecten. U leest in mijn geesteskind post hierboven hoe wij de good guys zeer slim de bad guys in het zuiden af kunnen zijn, door tal aan speciaal anti-criminaliteit oplossingen in deze tekst.
In de lange post hierboven met Engelstalige tekst is Globaal Internationaal theoretisch financieel en economisch en fiscaal een enorme belangrijke theoretische nieuwe exclusief Bank/fonds dat het woord concept overstijgt en door genoeg gezond verstand volgens mij het status model waardig begonnen wordt. Model voor moreel globaal veel gratis geld .. ik denk het wel, maar de tekst is vooral belangrijk omwille van hoe wij de morele wereld specifiek wijs genoeg met onze uitdagingen kan omgaan. Tijdens de maak van de crisis management inhoud van tekst als morele wereld wijs genoeg te zijn geworden op gebied van de meeste van onze globale morele uitdagingen en wensen, enzo in de tekst van mijn post er kan begrepen worden hoe onze basis wensen en opportuniteiten en uitdagers het hoofd te kunnen bieden met ideale theoretische opgeloste beginselen, zodat onze morele wereld onze wensen gratis zal weten te kunnen bekostigen. Het laatste deel van de tekst in mijn oplos Bank post hierboven is heel belangrijk omdat het Internationale veldwerk oplossingen toont wat maakt dat wij op de belangrijke basis uitdagingen en al onze basis morele wensen wereldwijd alvast weten hoe al onze Humane problemen en wensen en scifi-now opportuniteiten oplgelost KUNNEN worden.

GHLFMM Bank/Fonds en de wereld nu, zou niet veel goeds betekenen op zich maar door de specifieke Internationale veldwerk oplossingen, mijn geesteskind tekst hier ons wijsheid verschaft zodat wij allen hier en hierbuiten weten hoe op te kunnen oplossen en ook hoe wij onze morele wensen gratis geld wettelijk werkelijk mogelijk kan zijn.

Het is een redelijk lange tekst en in het Engels, maar het is zin per zin echt kei bangelijk. Eerst en vooral valt te lezen wat voor financieel economisch globaal fiscaal en technisch mirakel de theoretische oplossing/het concept/model is, en na wat pagina's down de tekst begint het laatste deel Veldwerk Oplossingen, daarin worden enkele zeer belangrijke specifieke morele Humanitaire oplossingen en morele wensen, ideale theoretische oplossingen voor een reeks van onze basis noden als 1ste, 3de en 4de werelden, details echt kei de moeite waard om te door te lezen tot het slot.

Het is geen eenvoudige tekst, ik weet het, eerst en vooral de titel en de taal van de kern van de post, en ook bovendien langer dan comfi. Maar ik hoop op de intellectuelen onder ons hier op het forum vooral niet negatief beginnen te negeren, maar liefst, ja liefst, intellectueel en interactief mijn grote theoretische levenswerk financiele oplossing GHLFMM idee, ik jullie tot de starters kan rekenen, hier en buiten het forum, is mijn theoretisch financieel geesteskind project, kei belangrijk voor ons en het zuiden, enorm belangrijk in die zin dat als er iets mis gaat wat dan ook, dat wij, nu dus, gratis geld bestedingen nodig hebben van onze nabije toekomst, dit theoretisch fiscale mirakel GHLFMM Bank/Fonds heeft intellectuelen nodig en moet onze leiders bereiken in directe vorm zoals in de post door mij details, niet minder en nog veel beter: in't echt!

Hopelijk kwamen de meeste actieve insiders forum profielen hier eens kijken naar de inhoud, en hopelijk niet te suf is en geen van onze intellectuele/morele wil tegenzit, khoop op zo min mogelijk ADD en actie

Sorry voor enige intellectuele ongemakken en vooral veel plezier met dit financieel fiscaal economisch theoretisch/technisch mirakel. Hopelijk van begin tot einde en pro-actief ver voorbij dit begin status van mijn post hier, gebeten !

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Zal ik maar opvatten als een compliment hee?. Opbouwende kritiek weegt niet op tegen insteek laster..en eerlijk, om ons wat dan ook te informeren of bij te leren over schrijven/tekstopmaak/zinvolheid enz, gewoon droog lipsum link delen zou toch in eigen betje ziek zijn hee beste Wapper..
Maar toch bedankt, ik begon op up link te lezen' na paar zinnen wist ik genoeg blablablabla weer een domme filosofisch-sub/belangrijke essentie.. whatever, ik hou trouwens van schrijffouten en voor mij hoeft niks helemaal gelikt te bekken..
Ik hou vooral van "blijf niet weg waarin en tot en over wie U Humanitair helemaal mee zou moeten zijn."
Kzal het zeker nog wel eens een kans geven, dat lipsum gedoe/link.. Big thing blijkbaar maar mij dus niet echt waardig voel ik aan dat lipsum, ik hou liever van mijn Hoge Cultuur to do's en don'ts, zoals overweeg/schrijf/maak/toon/overdenk/beslis/ervaring dingen 'als/van' 'Humanitair' Hoge oplossingen/veldwerken/onderwerp/GoodNews etc en/of maak werken 'over' Hoge Humanitaire veldwerken/oplossingen/oplossen/GoodNews.

Het onderwerp zin hebben in communicatie en/of onzin te zijn als communicatie, dat onderwerp Wapper komt niet echt als relevant over, as in niet van toepassing, vooral dan dat mijn post en reactie gewoon niet onwaardig is en hoe ook geen onzin of non-sense bullshit of up to no good.
Allee, goed begin, we hebben een Lipsum ter Humanitaire omvang..
Trouwens, ik werk op vlak van zin en onzin en Humanitair meest en best overwogen bruikbare help communicatie een ander woord/expertise, maar dat hang 'ik' aan geen externe neuzen. ..Allee ik zal uwe link zijn text nog eens beginne lezen, mja..
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Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door eno2 Bekijk bericht
Ik ook, als hoerenloper.

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Stuur een bericht via MSN naar maddox

Who cares?
De meeste mensen gaan naar het werk om geld te krijgen, niet om het te verdienen.
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Waar zijn de grafiekjes?
"Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip" - Winston Churchill
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Waar zijn de grafiekjes?
Ja, in die heuglijke tijden was het nog mogelijk om je via die speciale excel tabellen rijk te rekenen. Schulden verdwenen vanzelf, geen gezeik ==> iedereen rijk.

In de realiteit zal die schlemiel waarschijnlijk nog altijd op den dop staan, en zijn zever ergens op seniorennet of zo gaan posten.
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Ik ook, als hoerenloper.
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