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Onrust en terrorisme in Europa Parijs, Verviers, ... Discussies over de terreur van Islamitische Staat en Al Qaida op Europese bodem, Islamisten, Mohamedcartoons, en de opkomst van bewegingen Pegida, Vlativa, ...

Oud 19 januari 2015, 06:52   #1
Karel Martel B
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Standaard Marine Le Pen: France Was Attacked by Islamic Fundamentalism


First, the dogma of the free movement of peoples and goods is so firmly entrenched among the leaders of the European Union that the very idea of border checks is deemed to be heretical. And yet, every year tons of weapons from the Balkans enter French territory unhindered and hundreds of jihadists move freely around Europe. Small surprise then that Amedy Coulibaly’s machine gun came through Belgium, as the Walloon media have reported, or that his partner Hayat Boumeddiene fled to Syria under the nose of law enforcement.

Second, the massive waves of immigration, both legal and clandestine, our country has experienced for decades have prevented the implementation of a proper assimilation policy. As Hugues Lagrange, a sociologist at the French National Center for Scientific Research (C.N.R.S.), has argued, culture has a major influence on the way immigrants relate to French society and its values, on issues such as the status of women and the separation of state and religious authority.


Third, French foreign policy has wandered between Scylla and Charybdis in the last few years. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s intervention in Libya, President François Hollande’s support for some Syrian fundamentalists, alliances formed with rentier states that finance jihadist fighters, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia — all are mistakes that have plunged France into serious geopolitical incoherence from which it is struggling to extricate itself. Incidentally, Gerd Müller, Germany’s federal minister of economic cooperation and development, deserves praise for having the clear-sightedness, like the Front National, of accusing Qatar of supporting jihadists in Iraq.
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Oud 19 januari 2015, 07:05   #2
Secretaris-Generaal VN
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We moeten ons op de eerste plaats verlossen van de yanky (NY Times), dan zal de rest automatisch volgen.

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