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Arabische lente Brandend actueel zijn de revoluties in de Arabische wereld. In dit forum worden alle discussies over dit thema samengebracht.

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Waarom de aanval op Libie ? Een interview met Geydar Dzhemal, political scientist and chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia.

RT: Why was Libya chosen as the target of military invasion?

GD: There are several reasons for that. First of all, Obama needs to destabilize Europe and even more than that – have an explanation for such destabilization, which will inevitably happen. The West is on the verge of a new recession. People are not buying real estate. They are spending money on everyday needs instead. If we take into account inflation and recession on the real estate market, we will see that consumer demand has gone down 20-25% in 2011. That is a huge number. It shows that consumers don’t trust the future, the dollar, the political situation both in the world and in the US. Secondly, the only remedy in this classic monetarism system is to print more money. But this will be followed by a new wave of inflation and the consumers’ mistrust will spiral. It is a vicious cycle.

It has to be justified somehow, Obama has to justify the fact that the American economy basically failed everyone on the way out of the crisis. It has to be justified before the mass media and the people. Europe is facing a recession, and it will be more abrupt than in America. Besides the economic recession they are facing political change – prominent politicians of the 1990s are stepping down. And now it is becoming obvious that social programs are not working as they used to. Many people are becoming a burden, immigrants first of all. But it’s not clear what to do with them in the framework of political correctness we used to have. For this you need to get rid of political correctness, reformulate the mind of the layman, and actually kick up a war against diasporas supported by the majority of laymen. You can do this only on condition of aggression against the Arab Mediterranean, against Maghreb and on condition of “sort of a response” from the Mediterranean. To fulfill such tasks easier it is most favorable to have acts of terror. The Mumbai explosion was the first trial step of that kind. About a year ago in the newspapers there were information leaks about preparation for an explosion at a French power station. Today, in relation to the French initiative of Libya bombardments, there is a logical conclusion that it was France against whom such operations had been performed. If the situation continues to be like that, France will have to raise the question of the forceful removal of diasporas from the country.

It will be a change in both social and cultural climate, because it will acquire the character of a police operation against migrants in this or that way.

Similar processes are taking place in the West: Belgium, Austria, Scandinavia – we see an outburst of anti-migrant and anti-diaspora moods acquiring political forms.

Meer: http://rt.com/news/why-west-bombing-libya/
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